Over 40? Why swimming is the perfect workout for you

Hey, my fellow 40 something kids! Welcome to the world of middle age land! I LOVED my 40th birthday and frankly, I am not scared of the number in any way. But, I do have a very clear understanding of my body’s limits moving forward. I don’t recover quite as quickly…try staying out until 2 am. I can’t even do that anymore and function the next day. Ah ha, reality check, people. We are not our 20 year-old self anymore. We are wiser about things and it is time to celebrate that fact.  Introducing swimming. The smartest decision you could ever make.  

This is the perfect workout for our awesome 40 year old joints. Is it just a little bit harder for you to get out of bed every morning? Back may be just a bit tighter than “back in the day”. We aren’t getting any younger but we ARE getting BETTER! Now is the time to allow your body to do just that by hopping into the pool. You are creating forces that will leave your shoulders and arms tired and sore in the best way possible. And, your core….forget about it…your 40 year old core will be thank you all the way to summer time!

Zen time. We have so much chaos in our 40 year-old lives. Stress is a constant and our worst evil. Now is the time to release yourself from all of that and hop into the pool of soothing sounds of swishing water. You know people choose the sound of water for total relaxation at night or during a massage. That sound is naturally created by beautifully sliding through the H2O! 


Sleep kids! Sleeping used to be SO easy, right? You put your head on the pillow, shut your eyes and next thing you knew it was morning time. Easy peasy! Well, something happens in your 40’s and sleep isn’t quite in the easy category anymore. We are still tired but shutting down our 40-year-old brain isn’t a simple on and off switch. Swimming before bed helps to clear and organize your head and thoughts making it much less of a chore to fall into REM.

Welcome to the life-long sport. This is the beauty of swimming. You can swim at any age…with very little fear of injuring yourself. Which means, when you kids have kids, you can swim with them. You can even become competitive at any age which I find so beautiful. I love seeing men and women in their 80’s breaking WR’s for their age group. Just awesome. So, if it isn’t 40, don’t worry, swimming with be here for you in your 50’s, 60’s…well, you get the point. 

Fitnesscortney herron