My Morning Routine

I roll out of bed at 8am after a couple of well deserved and appreciated snoozes. I immediately head to the coffee machine. Our beloved Nespresso. We also have one at home and were thrilled when we arrived and saw a similar set-up in our Spanish kitchen. Erik and I have an understanding that whoever is up first, is charged with the task of hitting the “big coffee cup” button so that the machine can warm up. It takes an excruciatingly long time to do so, like 1 min and 20 secs or something. That’s long when you really love your first cup of coffee. HAHA!


Buenos Dias

Me and my beloved coffee maker.



Taking it in, everyday.


I take a few minutes to really take in our view. I stand there and watch the waves and listen to them crash, amazing how that sound travels, right? Sometimes I even close my eyes to absorb the moment. And, I am not exaggerating, everyday, even when it’s cloudy or windy, I think, “This won’t last forever…living this close to the ocean! Take it in!”

I also watch the sunrise or watch the way the sun is trying it’s hardest to be seen through the clouds. That is actually my favorite scene, when just a few rays make it through the cloud coverage. I feel like there should be choir music playing when this happens and I am not a religious person. But when I see this it is heavenly. This moment is my meditation.



This is real, without filters, crazy enough, for some reason this parting of the clouds continues to happen right over this little island. It’s memorizing.


Before anything, I drink a glass of water. Nothing fancy, just whatever is handy. (we drink the tap water here)We also have been cleaning out our empty wine bottles and using them as cold water dispensers. We don’t have an ice maker and we really do love cold water especially after surfing. So we have four wine bottles of cold water ready and waiting for us every morning, afternoon and night. (as long as people remember to refill them!)

Just about every other day I drink a glass with two cap-fulls of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. I will be honest with you, I can’t stand the smell and have to plug my nose but it comes in handy that I have this incredible swimmer gift and can do it without pinching my nose. I drink this for a couple of reasons, the first being that I feel like apple cider vinegar is a natural miracle and is easy to add to any diet with a monumental upside. And the second and more personal reason is that I have had a ton of bladder infections in my day and I HATE them and I also HATE antibiotics unless I really truly need them, so the apple cider vinegar and lemon juice are very good at naturally correcting the balance in my system. Not a doc, but this works for me.


After I smell my coffee, I wake up the kids and that is when life begins in our house. I love breakfast so much and have really fallen in love with tons of fresh fruit on top of my favorite yogurt which I have only found in Europe.(and only in Spain) I am already worried about moving back for that reason. It’s called Pastoret and it is delicious. Why do I love it, you ask? It isn’t too sweet and also, isn’t too sour. It is a texture thing with me. It can be poured out onto my cereal, it isn’t super thick. Just book a trip to Spain to try this yogurt…haha! Come for the yogurt people!!



Keeping it simple

Just a bit of W.K. Kellogg, some Pastoret and whatever fruit we find to cut up that morning.

I usually sprinkle some granola or Special K on top and that’s my morning energy.

I try not to leave the house without making my bed. Have you seen over here that Erik and I have our own little separate area. We aren’t sleeping in separate beds but we also kind of are! It is super euro. If you have traveled anywhere in Europe this is very standard. Therefore, because we have our own beds and linens, we have to make our own beds as well. And we are kinda digging it. He is a super tidy guy and I am, well, the opposite of that. But I LOVE when my bed is made. It is an easy first accomplishment of every day and a constant reminder of the accomplishment throughout my morning and day. Even if I am totally sucking at finishing tasks in a day, all I have to do is walk by my room, take a gander at my “made bed” and I will know “YUP, I did that!” Gotta celebrate the little things, people!


Make Your Bed

The beginning of a better morning.


After getting the kids to school, I go for an exercise and for me that usually means a run. I love running, yes, but I have truly loved running over here. The views are spectacular. I love the ocean to my core, to my soul (alma) and even when I am not in it, I want to be near it to hear it and to feel it.


Runnin’ along

singin’ my songs,

side by side.

(the ocean)


At the end of my run, I try to take a moment and stretch outside next to the ocean which is across the street from our apartment. Stretching is the easiest way for me to remain injury free with my running. It doesn’t have to be intense or for that long but I believe it has to happen before I step inside my house. Because once I am inside, I find myself pulled into emails or social media and I “run out” of time to stretch. In reality, we never run out of time for stretching or flossing, we just don’t make it a priority. It’s just silly to say it out loud when these acts don’t take long at all! And, believe me, I am guilty of it often.

Speaking of time…if I have time, I do 3 X one minute planks of my choice and a few other ab exercises. And, I am not opposed to doing abs while scrolling through my phone…which is usually what ends up happening. And just so you have the full visual, I imagine myself right next to RBG while I’m planking! (Please go see “RBG” when you can. The movie was awesome and she is amazing! (Ruth Bader Ginsburg)

Finally nothing better than taking a quick shower after a good sweat! And off I go to crush my day in Spain. Happy Day everyone!

Thanks for reading,


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