5 Things I am Most Thankful for While Living Abroad


This was the first FaceTime I had with my mom.

FaceTime and WhatsApp *free on wifi* -

Living abroad has to be so much easier emotionally, now, than 10 or 20 years ago. I say this because of the magical world of FaceTime! No matter what platform we use, when we get to actually see our friend’s and family’s faces, it makes a huge difference emotionally. Getting to see my mama, and her doggie, while talking to her makes us feel connected on a greater level. Also, she gets to see where we live, the blue sky outside as opposed to us just describing it. It was super hard leaving family and friends for a year but FaceTime sure has made it bit easier on the corazon.

The Trash


These beauties are in Gijon

no question as to what trash goes where. And they are so cute too!

You know I love it. I am thankful for the organization of it and how easy it is laid out for us. No guessing about what goes in which bin. I am in love the system as a whole. I heard the trash truck the other night and I almost ran out to film it again…I will do that for you next week. I wonder if they really truly know how much I appreciate them. I quite possibly might be known as “that strange Americano who keeps watching the trash” and I am super proud of it. So, the next time I hear the trucks, you will see a video…Promise.

Amazing Family time



Is everything.

It is all around me over here. Family is cherished above all else. Not to say that it isn’t in the states but I see it everyday in Spain. Grandparents taking care of their grandbabies or grown kids taking care of their parents. Older friends holding hands for support as they walk next to the beach every single morning. It is beautiful and I notice it every time. And, I can honestly say that it warms my heart. It has had an affect on me…in a positive way. We, as a family have grown closer…not always a happy, cheerful closer but we are so much closer since we started this journey. And that is something I know I will be thankful for for a long time to come.



It’s this simple.

Pasíon por hacerte disfrutar

EVERY SINGLE DAY we spend .76 euro on a loaf of warm, blando (soft) pan. It smells so delicious and I really love our Panaderia, which is 42 steps from our front door, for reminding me how much I love this awesome carb! Muchisima Gracias España!

The Language

It’s happening. I won’t be fluent by any stretch when I return from Spain but I am getting there bit by bit and tense by tense. Erik and I are piecing our sentences together and even when we are not correct, we are learning. I have found that when I get irritated and if I drink a glass of wine, my Spanish is better. And since I haven’t been irritated but a couple of times, I will just have to drink more wine:) But, seriously, I appreciate learning a new language so very much. I am thankful for the opportunity to challenge my brain in a way so different than any other time in my adult life. And I cherish the fact that we, as a family, are doing it together. During my “intercambio” (an arranged conversation where half is in one language and the other half is in Spanish) with my new friend I was talking about how difficult all the tenses are in Spanish and she quickly reminded me of the words like ship and sheep…and how those sound exactly the same when she tries to say them in English. It’s hard no matter what language you choose. And during our intercambio, it is a huge victory when we both get something correct or feel that we have learned something new. We “high-five”! It just makes me giggle.

Those were my 5…. and I could have come up with 105, but I am probably most grateful for this time. I have jobs that have let me take a break and work obligations that have let me work from abroad. For this, I am forever thankful. I am thankful for TIME. And I am grateful for the chance to use that time to Live On Purpose.

Happiest Thanksgiving wonderful people. You are awesome and if nobody has told you that today, let me be the one to remind you of that fact! Now go eat a ton, play some football and hug everyone in your family circle…even the ones that drive you nuts.

Thanks for reading,

Summer in Spain

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