A Super Bowl of a Swim Session

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Honestly, there are two things I think of when I hear Super Bowl…Football, Family and Food!  Then, of course, I think friends and fun. With all those F’s, why not throw in one more, “Fitness”.  I plan on consuming a ton of calories on Super Bowl Sunday with a smile on my face and I don’t want any thought of guilt or worry to bring me down.  The best way to forget about it and be happy is to turn pre-game into a family swim day.

Swimming and football have gone hand and hand for me for a long time.  In fact, that is how I first became a true fan….I was a 49’er fan.  The Niners used to have their summer camp in my hometown.  Rocklin, CA at Sierra College, to be exact.  Sierra College was home to my first team, my first pool and all those football players.  They would come in off the field for some R&R, I guess, and take over the diving well.  These were always mine and my teammates favorite days at the pool The fellas would be launching their linebacker bods off the one meter diving boards…some were even brave enough to tackle the high dive. And we would watch in awe! Others were floating (with the help of a few inner tubes) just kicking back laughing at all the scene.  It was pure awesomeness.  I loved that team so much and felt an even stronger connection through the pool.

Fast forward 30 years and I still feel a connection between swimming and football, although I am a Bills fan now.  It is such a great workout for every player on that field…right Kyle Williams and Marshawn Lynch?!  Whether you are actually swimming laps, or taking the load off of your joints by running in the pool, a little chlorine is good for the soul.  And, when the whole family joins in, it is wonderful not only for the fitness but for the after affect. Post swim, the kids will be just tired enough to be able to kick back, relax and cheer on whatever team you encourage them to. ☺ Life doesn’t get much better!!

Enjoy the day, have fun and don’t forget to blow some bubbles! Happy Super Bowl Sunday and GO EAGLES! #FlyEaglesFly