Rethink Valentine’s Day

Now, I know that I don’t speak for all women but my hope is that many of you will get what I am saying. We don’t need any more trinkets or baubles this Valentine’s Day. We are big girls with big dreams and we want a healthy dose of adventure. So, don’t reserve a romantic dinner sandwiched next to another uncomfortably close couple. Let’s get out of the humdrum and rethink V-Day. Here are 5 gifts that speak to the woman who loves adventure.

1. Yaktrax. Now this is for someone who lives in the snow. But once you go Yak, you never go back. No need for cumbersome snow-shoes when a trail is packed down. Get two sets and hike up to the top of a hill or mountain. Carry some goodies and enjoy the view with a glass of wine and the fresh air. 

2. Sled. Sledding is not just for kids. But it is for the adventurous. And don’t we all need a bit more of that in our life? And no, surviving traffic and a commute every day is NOT the adventure I am talking about. Wear a helmet find your level of sledding track and imagine you are a kid again!

3. You know there is an activity that you have said FOREVER that you want to try. Whether it is a painting class, (which they have cross-country skiing, or anything in between, use this day to make it happen.

4. Cooking class at home. There are a couple of things my friends and I love. Time, as couples, with friends and not having to cook or clean up afterward. Maybe you know someone who is a fantastic cook and you can hire them to cook and teach you how to make a delicious meal. When you have 4 couples going in on the cost, it might not be so bad. Plus, you don’t have to deal with V-day crowds, people you may not want to be around and overpriced food.

5. THAT trip. Some people want their Valentine’s gift or thoughtful gesture to happen on Feb 14th but if your partner can stand to hold out, maybe they can wait for the trip you have wanted to take. This is the year of NOW. Where do you want to go? Don’t know, take a look


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