Shop with me in Park City!

I have lived in Park City 13 years now.  It’s not that far from Salt Lake City but far enough that if we can shop local, we jump at the chance.

With the Spring Break around the corner and fresh snow finally dumping in our beautiful backyard, I wanted to draw attention to a few of my favorite local owned shops.  So carve out time and hop off of Main Street to check out some of my favorite local treasures owned by awesome people.


Indigo Highway

This store opened up last summer and if I could have moved in, I would have. I immediately bought birthday presents for all my friends. They have happy, feel good and clever gifts including bags and pouches, jewelry, mugs, books, wonderful scents and some of the coziest sweatshirts I have ever put on. Much of it is mountain lifestyle inspired and ALL of it is unique.  I bought my kdis the cutest stash of positive and happy quotes that they keep on their bedside tables. This is stuff you will treasure and won't find anywhere else. Another positive is that the prices are very reasonable.


Splendor Beauty Emporium 

This amazing store will make you feel gorgeous the moment you walk in. Primarily because the owner is one of the most amazing human’s I know, Delilah is her name.  She has hand picked every detail of her store's selection and the price range is perfect. I can get a cool gift for my daughter’s friend’s birthday and it won’t break the bank. From my favorite candle to my eyelash growing serum and everything in between. Delilah has you covered from men to women and head to toe! Literally, you must pick up Baby Foot, exfoliant feet peel. (This is coming from someone who respects her callouses and keeps them on purpose!)



You can find some cute pieces at this clothing store owned by Laura. She is so sweet and is quick to help you find the perfect top or blouse or jeans. I love stopping in for gifts for my family and I truly love the joy it brings Laura when she helps you find that perfect something. She has an attention to detail and gives you space when you need it. She has everything from Splendid and 3 dots to new and up and coming brands that you will fall in love with.



This is the store for those who love to celebrate. Birthday’s, Baby’s, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, The Oscars. You choose the party and Wish has your back. This store opened up in Kimball Junction about 2 years ago and I made a point to order fun balloons and decorations for my Friday the 13th 45th Birthday Party this past October. (I was born on Friday the 13th) Anyway, it was important that I support my local stores and Wish did not disappoint. It has awesome, beautiful and creepy balloons and to make sure everyone knew my age, I had a giant 4 and 5 balloon cruising around the entrance of my house.

J.W. Allen Toy Store

I love supporting our local toy store and the owners are amazing. The kids flock there for all the new trends....remember fidgit spinners? It seemed that every week were waiting for their new shipment. But the store is not just for the trendy toys, there are some vintage toys as well. And don't forget to look at their candy. Razzles anyone? Stop by for that perfect kid gift that is hard to find anywhere else and support this creative and awesome spot!