Ever wonder what it takes to raise a champion-in sports, in work, or in life? Discover the secrets of triumphant parenting--and raising a child who excels.

Summer Sanders won more medals than any other American swimmer at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.  After retiring, she has continued to charm America as a TV commentator and media celebrity.  And wherever she goes, parents ask:  what gave her the drive to consistently give all she had, no matter what the challenge? How did she develop her self-assurance and raw courage?  What did her parents do right?

Now Summer Sanders provides compelling, surprisingly simple answers for all parents--whether your child is gifted in sports, in school, or the arts--from the unique perspective of a child who became the world's best in her field.  Enriched by advice from a host of other Olympic athletes, Champions Are Raised, Not Born reveals what truly develops a champion.